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Stardust Collection

Inspired by the deep bond we humans form with our furry family members, I envisioned and created this special jewelry collection in the year following the loss of our first beloved golden retriever, Ruby. During that year, we also lost our second sweet golden, Kody, deepening my commitment to bring these unique designs to life.

And so, as often happens, the pain of loss has led to the creation of something new, healing and beautiful.

As Ruby reached her final days, my husband and I talked about how we would honor her memory. We decided to scatter her ashes along her favorite wooded trail and in the sparkling lake where she loved to swim. But on the day we picked up the urn with our precious Ruby inside, I was suddenly aware that I didn’t want to scatter her ashes! At least not all of them! I needed to find a way to keep a tiny bit of them with me forever.

So I began searching for something special to do with the priceless dust of my golden girl. I discovered several lovely options along the way, but the one that really spoke to me was the idea of fusing Ruby’s ashes into a beautiful glass pendant that I could wear near my heart whenever I missed her.

I’ve always loved colored glass and decorated my home with shiny, jewel-toned pieces, so the richness and sparkle of dichroic glass was a perfect fit for me. Harking back to my days making mosaics, I created a design that was different from anything else I’d seen and set about learning how to fuse glass. (The ashes appear in the pendants as a soft grey, grout-like dust between the colored tiles.)

Then, in honor of Kody, whose adorable face always brought a smile to mine, I learned to create resin photo pendants, as well. These pieces – special in their own right, since they allow you to display your sweet one’s face – also include a dusting of ashes hidden behind the photograph.

resin trio

And because we love decorating our Christmas tree with special treasures every year, I added light catcher ornaments. These pieces feature transparent glass that can not only adorn a holiday tree, but also add a splash of colored light to a window all year long.

ornament trio

This collection, born out of my grieving process, is very close to my heart, but it is also something I want to share with other animal lovers. It is my hope that I can create a custom piece just for you that carries the precious dust of the furry star of your life. And I pray that your new pendant will, in some small way, bring you comfort and peace as you remember your dear best friend.

See all of the designs in the Stardust Collection here. For testimonials by people who love their pet memorial pieces, scroll about halfway down this page. To learn about the dogs who inspired the Stardust Collection, read Ruby’s story and meet Kody.    


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